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When planning your wedding it can be very difficult to stay on track with time and budget when organising the finer details for your big day. Planning your big day takes a lot of organisation and preparation to make sure that the day runs smoothly with no hurdles along the way that can cause stress and further problems later on.

We have provided you with a check list for you to follow. This will make things easier with clear step by step points of what is needed to be done and at what stage on the run up to your wedding. Knowing where you are against time will allow you to plan ahead saving a mad dash panic towards the later stages.

When planning your wedding, which venue to hold your wedding, what creative cake to have made and deciding on which top designer dress to choose, budgets sometimes can easily slide of scale. It’s really important keeping a note along the way of every cost incurred including all the finer detail preparations such as sending out invites, hair accessories and small things such as home visits from your make-up artist whilst having trials ahead of the big day itself. These are all small costs but that add up to be quite expensive.

We have provided you with a printable budget calculator for you to use when making your arrangements to ensure you always know where you are against your set budget. By planning in advance and keeping a note this will allow you to compromise all round beforehand without being disappointed later on will late sacrifices needing to be made.


Useful contact numbers 

Church of England - 0207898100
Church of Scotland - 01312255722
Jewish Council - 02082036311
Cheif Rabbi's Office - 02084346314
Greek Archdiocese - 02077234787
Marriage care (Catholic) -- 02073711341
Methodist Church - 02072228010
United Reform Church - 02079162020


Register offices

England and Wales - 01514714200
Northern Ireland - 0289025036
Scotland - 01313144447

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