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Silversides Glass Art 

Silversides Glass Art sounds really grand doesn’t it? All big and corporate.  But really it is just me, Gill Silversides, and I spend all day every day with  glass because I love it!  My husband Rob also loves it, so he joins me in the studio for evenings and the weekends making beautiful glass too.

I focus on kiln fired glass, using modern fuel efficient electric kilns to heat art glass up to temperatures over 800 degrees, and setting it into art pieces and jewellery.  Some of the art pieces can be used as fruitbowls, olive bowls, dishes, etc but as I like holes they aren’t always that practical.  Rob loves painting glass and works with medieval techniques using lead paint and silver oxide, (well, he is an archaeologist) but he also loves sandblasting and engraving, he adds foiling and leading to pieces so we have some pieces that are collaborations and some that are entirely his.



Hen party - Classes and workshops 

Would you like to make your own piece of glass art, bowl or set of jewellery? All tools, materials and tuition is included in your workshop fee. Timetabled classes are limited to four persons at a time and includes all glass, the use of the tools and kiln. They are held on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 2pm. Check the timetable for current courses and costs. For groups of up to 6, you may book the workshop for a private glass party. You choose what you would like to make, and book it at a time to suit you.



Glass Taster Classes

We start with a safety and technique talk, then start with some simple items as you master the basic cutting and layering techniques to make simple flat pieces such as coasters and lightcatchers. As you gain confidence you make more detailed pieces, and these may include fridge magnets, plaques, keyrings, brooches and jewellery. It will take a day or two for your work to finish in the kiln, and then when you come to collect them, you can choose and attach any jewellery fittings .

I sometimes offer special deals via third parties such as Groupon, look out for forthcoming offers.







Get Slumped!

A two hour taster session in which you will explore the three dimensional world of glass, you will make three fused pieces, which will be fired flat, and then returned to the kiln for a second fire, this time softening the glass just enough for it to drop into a mold and take the form of your piece. You will make a candle holder, a trinket dish and a small decorative piece.





Make a Bowl 

Design and make your own glass bowl. Look out for themes on the timetable, including heart bowls, my signature ice bowls, flower bowls and vases. We will cut and layer glass to form a flat sheet which will be fired, once the glass is cooled it will return to the kiln over a mould to slump into the shape you have chosen. This process will take a couple of days in the kiln and will be ready for collection or postage a few days later.

Make Jewellery

In this class you will have the opportunity to design and make glass cabochon for pendants, earrings, cufflinks, rings and brooches, basic silver plated fittings are provided for your pieces. If you are already a jewellery maker you may wish to make glass pieces to set in your own jewellery designs. We will use a range of transparent, opaque and dichroic glass to experiment with different moods and effects from stylish delicate pieces to dramatic architectural designs.

Glass Art   

In this two hour session you will work on a picture using layers of sheet and ground glass and ceramic paints to produce an image on glass. Your artwork will be fired, simply framed and ready for collection the following day.Silversides Glass

Silversides Glass Art 



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