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Juice Up Ltd was created by a couple who had a passion to promote health, offer health awareness and help make a difference to the struggle and problems we face from the western diet of today! We have spoken to Laura, from Juice up, all about how juicing helps and what Juice Up Ltd is all about!

 So, tell us a bit about Juice Up… 

Juice Up Ltd aims to reach out to all member of the public, athletes, sports enthusiasts, young business types, elderly and children! Juicing is and can be for everyone, and with that and a healthy balanced lifestyle we hope to assist in creating a healthier nation. Juice Up Ltd do not believe in fad diets, but do want to assist helping people in achieving optimal health in a way which best suits that individual. We believe that awareness and knowledge is the only was we can achieve this.

What inspired you to create Juice Up?

As partners ourselves in work and life, we understand how difficult it sometimes is to make sure we put our health first. With degrees in Nutrition Health and Lifestyles and Sport Science we could find no better career interest than to put our combined knowledge together to provide a service for others who are ready to embrace a healthier life. And so we started, selling high grade natural extracts online and with more and more repeat buyers who were seeing benefits from our supplements, we decided to take our business to the next state and open juice bars so we use these supplements along with fresh produce, to offer healthy juices and smoothies. We soon realised that, although it is clear that the benefits of juicing was second nature in places like America and Australia, the UK seems to be missing out. So we found ourselves on a mission to not just spread the word about how juicing can hep you lose weight, but about just how much raw foods can improve your health in other areas. With the knowledge we have on health becoming apparent to customers, we soon found ourselves working alongside a chain of gyms and with big sports supplements brands.

What are the benefits of Juice Up?

It is becoming more and more clear to us that much research about the benefits of a raw food diet or even just adding more supper foods into your life are not in the public knowledge. These super foods can not only prevent disease and illnesses but also reverse the effects of them too. At Juice Up we offer a unique menu of juice cleanses so that we can target specific needs of your body or just for general maintenance. People of all ages, shapes and sizes are seeing marked changes once they finish a Juice Up cleanse or just incorporating our juices into their daily routine. Because we are passionate about what we do, we want our customers to improve their knowledge on health and understand the benefits of what we offer in our juices. Therefore we offer a more personal touch where customers can email or call for any extra advise before or during their cleanse. We have had amazing feedback from customers boasting of weight loss and the healing of ailments such as acne, bloated stomach, psoriasis etc.


How will Juice Up help our couples, before their big day?

So we are aiming to provide a more convenient way to achieve optimal health which shows amazing results just from a bottle! We understand how important it is for a bride and groom to look and feel their best on their special day, so we thought there is no better way to help them to achieve that ultimate radiant look than offering a Juice Up cleanse before their big day! Couples may want to complete a cleanse themselves or use it as part of their wedding preparation for hens and stags or even add it to their gift wish list. Alternatively, what a great gift for a bride and groom before their big day, for those who are stuck for ideas! After all, what do you get the couple who already have everything, right?!


Do you juice and, if so, what changes have you seen?

As Juice Up creators we use juicing as part of our day to day lives and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, mainly from vegetables and pulses, nuts and grains (with of course the odd indulgence from time to time!!).

Give us a tip for all brides-to-be (or grooms!)

Calling all brides and grooms… use Juice Up Ltd as part of your pre wedding diet and either achieve your target weight or just simply look and feel radiant on your big day with amazing shine to your hair and a sparkle in your eye!!!







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