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Daisy Brydon Creations specialises in 3D sculptured cakes. 

Every good event is captured around a moment, and most of those moments are centred around a show stopper. People are naturally drawn to take photos around a centre piece, and Daisy Brydon Creations sculptures do just that.

Daisy provides a service where the cake becomes an event in itself, designed specifically around the event it’s targeting. The cutting of the cake is pivotal moment for anyone, and a memory you’l want to capture.

Daisy has been called ‘UK’s best Cake Designer’ Supplying birthday, anniversary, Wedding and prop cakes for an array of clients and for TV and Film. Past clients have included, The BBC, Matt LeBlanc and Wilson Luna. 

Daisy also works closely with a number of event planners. 

Daisy studied Art, Carpentry and Photography at school, and this is where her creative flair really began. Always being a slightly quirky artist, carving totem poles and modelling strange sculptures. Although she started he working life as an actress for both theatre and screen, her love of baking came while filming a TV series in 2010, supplying cast and crew with cupcakes, cake pops,brownies, you name it, she made it, and started to get requests.

Sculpting cakes came about when asked by a family friend to make a ‘different’ birthday cake.From here her talent and passion grew quickly and before she could breath her hobby had turned into a business, and in 2011 Daisy Brydon Creations was established.



Daisy Brydon Creations









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