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In jewellery making I aspire to capture elegance, beauty and individuality in one off pieces. I love the process of working with resistant metal and I hand work sheet silver, rolling, hammering and coaxing it until it is fine enough to form into delicate flowers and floral sprays. These are entwined into exquisite tiaras, hair adornments and corsages encrusted with precious stones and pearls. It gives me great satisfaction to create something beautiful that can hopefully become a treasured heirloom marking memories of special times. The name Marie Miller is derived from my middle name and maiden name and much easier than my married name so the name ‘Marie Miller Jewellery’ was born.



A bespoke service is available; pieces can be made using your own ideas making a unique item of jewellery. Whether it is a simple piece of jewellery or a complete set for your wedding I will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you want. You can visit me in my home or we can work together via telephone or email, whatever works best for you. Please contact me to discuss your requirements


Marie Miller

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