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Photography By Paul and Jacs
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Photography By Paul and Jacs











To us, the chance to photograph your wedding is a privilege. It’s something we take seriously but have fun doing.

When you think of your wedding, you will probably think of those moment in images… it would be a shame not to capture them for you.

As trained and apprenticed photographers, we have the skill to photograph your day the way you want it to be photographed, either from a distance
or with a bit more involvement to make sure at least one shot has your dress looking perfect. It’s about making your day memorable for the right reasons.

If you want those images in your head to be captured so you can see them in reality, put your trust in us as your wedding photographers.

What would you like from you wedding photographer on your wedding day? Do you want someone dressed smartly who fits in with the crowd, or someone in jeans and a t-shirt?

Would you prefer someone in a suit or labelled up with their own business name? How about their attitude? Is that important? Do you want a stressed photographer or someone who is relaxed because they know what they are doing? It’s all about choices. These are the choices you make so be sure to ask the questions.

What do you wear on the day (lead them, are you casual, or in a suit?)
How many weddings have you photographed where things didn’t go to plan?
Ask about back up kit, have you ever had to use your backup kit?
Are you insured, more and more often, venues are asking to see a photographers insurance!
Can you shoot different styles?
What’s your preferred style… (oh and almost every wedding photographer will say a mix)
If you want more, ask us, we will happily answer any question you have and will supply you with a list
of what you SHOULD be asking of your Wedding Photographer.


We are two highly trained Cardiff Wedding Photographers, it’s our aim to stay that way so we train in Wedding Photography and we undertake courses in Cardiff Portrait Photography also. We have award winning images that aren’t shot by accident but are created during a normal session, whether that is Wedding Photography or Portrait Photography. Though we create those shots, they are seamlessly evolved during a standard session, we have fun whilst shooting and if you like what we produce, then give us a little time, just 10 minutes during your day is all it takes to create amazing photographs for you to treasure forever!

Have you just become someone’s fiance? How about taking this opportunity to have some absolutely
gorgeous photographs of you and the one you love . It’s a once in a lifetime act and one that we can
photograph for you to give you an exquisite memory and maybe even a gift for your parents or
grandparents. Engagement is about extending or creating a family, it’s worth remembering for the right reasons.

Our skills help create those photographic moments, we don’t just walk around the sides snapping anything and everything, hoping to get a good shot for later. We get involved, we move through a crowd, still almost invisible, looking for those moments that matter. Both on a wedding and during a portrait we prompt people to help us create those moments, asking a best man to request the time from the groom at the front of the church requesting a bride and groom to just spend a little time together away from the crazy crowds making the children laugh by showing them dad’s score on the ugly meter… (you have to experience it to understand!)



When it comes to group photography, we have been trained in how to get the best from people, it’s part natural gift,
part being friendly and a lot being there for you, not for us! The photographic groups are such a fundamental part of a wedding and the mainstay of a family portrait, if you don’t have a clue how to make a group of people look good,
you shouldn’t be photographing them. You won’t see half heads in our shots unless someone does it on purpose!…
it’s about making the best of it for you.

So, if you agree that we can make your wedding day simple, amazing and fun your wedding photography look awesome, or your family look happy,relaxed and together, through our portrait photography, give us a call, or fill in our contact form. We’d love to speak to you about the photography that YOU want. We do this because you deserve to have someone who loves people, who loves photography and loves making dreams come true.




Photography by Paul and Jacs




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