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Kate Pearse

After metalworking part-time for ever, I started Glasswing in 2005. Since then I have been making silver, gold and sea glass jewellery and sending my work to customers all over the world. I absolutely love what I do, and continue to develop my range all the time, very often adding new pieces in response to customers' special commissions.

I am totally blessed to have lived for the last ten years in Cornwall, one of the most stunning, rugged and remote regions in the UK. This is where I collected most of the sea glass I use in my jewellery. Following a big move along the South Coast, we are now living at the forest edge, in the very heart of the beautiful National South Downs Park in the UK. My lovely new workshop has views across open fields up to the neighbouring forest, and the stunning countryside around us continues to inform and inspire my lifestyle and my work. 

As a family, we are passionate about getting out and exploring the countryside as often as possible, and promoting the protection of the environment. This is reflected in my workshop practice and the ethical jewellery I design and produce, which incorporates recycled and found objects and materials.



I trained at the University of Wales in three dimensional design, (3D Design - metal working, jewellery and furniture design). I specialised principally in large scale metalwork, (coming as I do from a long line of Cornish blacksmiths) designing and making metal furniture, garden pieces and body sculpture. When I followed a blacksmith journeymanship myself, I worked on large scale steel structures including public sculptures, large gates for historic properties and metal furniture for private clients.

My traditional silversmithing skills have been developed through a range of courses, experimental workshop practice and sharing ideas with other craftspeople.

My wedding/civil ceremony page is undergoing a bit of a feel free to look around, but also do ask if something is unclear - it's definitely work in progress!

Here is a selection of rings I have made to order, and which I occasionally have in stock, for speedy delivery. To order your ring, browse through the options in my shop pages, or contact me to discuss your special requirements, or to commission something a little different.


Personalised Wedding or Bridesmaid / Maid of Honour Jewellery

Personalised Jewellery sea glass ring pendants by Glasswing make the most fantastic keepsake jewellery for bridesmaids, children and relations, or anyone you would like to give a lasting and beautiful reminder of your wedding, ceremony or anniversary.

Contact me to discuss your ideas and requirements.

Wonderful recycled, sea glass is a fantastic, eco friendly, and ethical alternative to gemstones for your personalised pieces. Some colours are far rarer than diamonds too!
Sea glass is available in a wide range of colours, from deepest (rarest) reds, blues, aquas green and ambers.



Glasswing Jewellery, North Street, Rogate, West Sussex, GU31 5BH

01730 821126



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