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Aurum designer-jewellers have been creating bespoke handmade jewellery since 1985, and handmade wedding rings have always been an important part of our business.

Although clients can choose a design from our large stock of handmade wedding rings created in our own workshop, most couples opt for bespoke wedding rings, individually created to order by our skilled goldsmiths.

Handmade wedding rings do not have to break the bank. The fact that we are both the maker and the retailer means that the prices of our bespoke wedding rings are comparable with those of factory-made high-street rings of similar material, weight and design. Whether you prefer unusual wedding rings, contemporary wedding rings or traditional plain wedding rings we are able to create rings to your exact requirements in terms of design and budget.



Design your own wedding ring!

Unlike most jewellers, we don’t employ sales people, so our clients deal direct with one of our craftsmen.

Whether you come to us with a firm idea in mind, just a vague idea, or no idea at all, one of our goldsmiths will spend as much time as it takes, establishing exactly what is required, offering as much assistance and advice you need, and guiding you gently through the design process. Once we have the exact specifications of your ideal ring we’ll quote a price, and if this turns out to more than you can spend we then look at ways of tweaking the specifications so that you get a ring that’s as close as possible to the ideal, but at a budget to suit you.

We produce wedding rings in platinum, red gold and yellow gold, and increasingly in palladium, which is a less costly alternative to platinum. Platinum wedding rings are the first choice for many couples, but when the budget won't quite stretch that far, palladium wedding rings are a good option.

We make a lot of two colour wedding rings - e.g. a platinum or palladium wedding ring with gold detail, or a gold wedding ring with platinum detail.   Red gold or rose gold wedding rings offer a subtly different alternative to the more usual yellow gold wedding rings. Red gold is particularly flattering to certain skin tones.


Matching wedding rings for bride and groom are popular. They are not usually identical, as the proportions are normally adjusted to suit the respective hands of the partners. Men often opt for a matte-finish version, whilst most brides prefer polished.

We specialise in creating bespoke wedding rings  specifically to match brides' own engagement rings. This is sometimes no more than matching the profile of the band, or it might involve producing a shaped wedding ring that is specifically designed to follow the shape of the engagement ring, so that the two rings interlock.

Shaped wedding rings - also known as fitted wedding rings - eliminate gaps between the wedding ring and the engagement ring, giving a more elegant effect, and as the rings sit comfortably together the movement between them is reduced, which means there is less friction, resulting in reduced wear-and-tear.


Diamond wedding rings are now popular with both men and women. Some of the diamond-set wedding rings we create have just one or two discretely placed diamonds, whilst others can be smothered with diamonds, depending on the taste and the budget of the individual client.

Naturally we can offer engraved wedding rings. The engraving can be on the inside or the outside or both.  For example you might want a plain wedding band engraved with your wedding date in roman numerals on the outside, and a Latin message on the inside, - or perhaps  both sets of initials.  Any of our wedding ring styles can be engraved on the inside.

It is very gratifying that many couples from across the UK and beyond are prepared to travel to a jeweller in West Sussex to commission their bespoke wedding rings.

If you come to us for a free design-consultation you will deal direct with one of our skilled designer-jewellers, and if you place an order it is usually the same person who will actually create your wedding rings for you. - This means you can discuss every aspect of the design with someone who understands the subject, and who can advise on the suitability of a particular ring style to your lifestyle. 

Contact us today for more information, or to arrange a free design-consultation to discuss ideas for your bespoke wedding rings with one of our goldsmiths.



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