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Bodyflight is rapidly becoming a haven for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. If you are one of those looking for something challenging and a bit different, our ever expanding array of activities will allow you to push the limits and have an adventure for your stag aor hen party.

Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving is an exciting and fun activity for everyone. Wind speeds of up to 180mph support your whole body in mid air, allowing you to really fly!
The Bodyflight wind tunnel at a diameter of 5m (16.4ft) and a flight area 8m (26.25ft) tall, offers flyers real space to manoeuvre!Producing up to 4000 HP of airflow, our size, power and air quality is unrivalled. All types of flyers are welcome from whether you’re a complete beginner or a world champion.
How does it work?
Bodyflight is a recirculation wind tunnel. Air is drawn up though the central flight chamber by the massive propeller at the top. The air passes the propeller and continues into the ‘Air returns’; these are the hollow walls surrounding the flight chamber. The air travels all the way down to the base of the tunnel where it is directed back upwards again into the flight chamber.

Indoor Surfing

FlowHouse is a unique lifestyle venue, a destination for all budding surfers and board sport enthusiasts.

At the heart of every venue is the waves, whether you surf, skate, wakeboard or even snowboard, the FlowRider is a great place to express your own unique flavour of riding.
If you've never ridden before, no problem! Our Instructors and the soft Membrane Ride Surface make the FlowRider a great way to learn to ride in a safe and controlled environment.

The RaceHouse

The ultimate in driving simulation, the RaceHouse is a simulated driving centre which allows wannabe racing drivers to compete against each other in a choice of different vehicles on a range of famous tracks from around the world.
The Race House is a fun, safe and environmentally friendly way to enjoy motor sport. Three simulators are networked together to allow three friends to race against each other, or solo drivers can just enjoy time trials.
The Race Pods: There are 3 pods in the RaceHouse these are state of the art machines with 3x 42" screens that wrap round your head. You are strapped into a 4point harnessed bucket seat on a fully actuated hydraulically controlled rig. This means when you hit a bump on the track you feel it!
The Tracks & Cars: Are laser scanned replicas from the real world. They are as realistic as you can get without buying or racing the real thing.





Bodyflight Vertigo     

At 125ft high Bodyflight Vertigo is one of the tallest Power Fan jumps in the UK. An amazing adrenaline rush, adults and children alike can experience the thrill of leaping from a building and plunging to the ground in complete safety!
Vertigo is a 30 metre simulated BASE jump from the top of the Bodyflight tower. You are placed in a full body harness attached to a Power Fan decender and leap from the top of the tower experiencing freefall before you gently touch down on the landing platform below.


Thinking about climbing Mount Everest or treking through the Alps? Well this isn't quite the same but its really good fun! With over 20 different routes from 4 different climbing stations there is plenty of challenges for everyone.

The wall has 4 self belaying points meaning that you can climb at your own pace and on your own, no need to wait around for someone else. The wall itself is comprised of 7 panels that give you access to over 20 routes which are graded from very easy to extremely hard! Race to the top: We have installed two timing clocks meaning you can set a time on a route and then challenge your friends to beat it.


Bodyflight Bedford Twinwoods Business Park Thurleigh Road Milton Ernest Bedfordshire MK44 1FD

Telephone - 0845 200 2960









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