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Photobooths are becoming incredibly popular in the UK party scene having seen success in the wedding/engagement, birthday, club and corporate event areas for a few years.

These portable booths enable you to pick a venue of almost any size and capability and have a record of your "do" like no other! This booth includes a top spec digital SLR camera for incredible picture quality, and a touch screen inside to enable each user to control their own experience. Think of it like a passport booth, but it's much more fun and you'd be glad to keep your images for 10 years!  


The booth can be set up in the corner of any function, and you and your guests will be free to pop in and out throughout the evening - the photos are printed out in 10 seconds by a top of the range printer and are available to keep. The files can then be put onto DVD for you at the end of the night or put online if you'd like soft copies to be available for everyone to have a chuckle at the next day.


Prints Charming Photobooth isn't just a vintage affair...


 Prints Charming light paints! 

We're the first (and possibly only!) stand-alone photobooth in the UK. Light painting booths have been made popular by Lichtfaktor in Germany and a number of companies on the other side of the pond, but we're only just getting the hang of it here. 

Light painting is a photographic practise which occurs through long exposure of light sources to the camera. A flash will freeze your pose, and then you have a few seconds to make your own creative mark on your image! A variety of light sources produce different affects and are pretty much like using different pens/brushes! It's a really fun way of getting creative and making your own unique image each time. 

A full gallery of lightpainting booth images are available here


Prices start from £450 for 3 hours unlimited use of the light painting booth - get in touch!


Prints Charming

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