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Pains Fireworks


When choosing Pains Fireworks you will not only be getting a premier fireworks company, but also the support and help that you need to ensure your display is memorable.


We take great pride in our reputation, which has been built upon years of creating spectacular displays around the world, as well as the referrals and recommendations given by our clients.


On your behalf we will deal directly with your co-ordinator or venue to ensure that all runs smoothly and all you need to do is stand back with your guests and be thrilled.


Traditional Display


At Pains, we pride ourselves on designing and choreographing the very best firework displays in the world. A high impact display lasting between 5 – 8 minutes in order to maintain the intensity and keep everyone enthralled.


Although the design will be largely dependent upon any special requests or themes that might be associated with the wedding, we can use a large variety of stunning fireworks and effects, building upon each other in a series of spectacular sequences!


Pyro Musical Display

 To add even more impact to the display, we often choreograph the entire show to music, played through our PA system that can be set up just in front of the guests.

 We are happy to use any of your own suggestions for the display music as it really helps to add something personal to the show, or alternatively we can produce a soundtrack that works well with fireworks and provide you with some different options.


The music is paramount as this drives the whole display. Precise firings and effects compliment the structure, tempo and scale of the music; the quiet moments marked with gentle graceful pyrotechnics and all the crescendos met with moments of surprise and innovation. Added to this, the use of the latest firing technology means synchronisation is perfect and the crowd will be taken on a fantastic journey, all perfectly timed to the precise beat of the music!


Indoor Fountains


If you want to create a moment in the night that will never be forgotten, our indoor table fountain system would be the perfect surprise for all of the guests.


Driveway fountains

 As the ultimate arrival or departure at an event, we often like to suggest our fantastic driveway fountain feature.


Pains HQ


T: +44(0) 1794 884040 

F: +44(0) 1794 884015

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