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K2 Prestige Car Hire London is one of the Largest Prestige Car Hire Company in the UK, Providing Luxury and Super Cars around the Country. Enter into the world of Luxury car hire segments with us. K2 offers state of art luxury car rental service with redefined quality and exceptional service. We provide you with a large fleet of luxury cars to choose from, with vehicles coming only from the best car brands such as Bentley GTs, Rolls Royce, BMW, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Audi, Ferrari, Phantom, and Porsche, to name a few.

 At K2 Car Hire we can arrange your wedding Transportation from beginning to end; providing a seamless plan of getting your family and friends from their destination to the church, reception and back. We provide affordable luxury wedding transportation services throughout London and the UK.

At K2 Car Hire our Wedding Co-ordinator is here to help you plan and organise your wedding day transportation. We will help you arrange the perfect wedding package to meet your specific needs.

Our clean, well-maintained limousines and unparalleled service, is everything you would expect for all your luxury wedding transportation needs. Choose from our 6 and 8 passenger stretch limousines, Phantoms, Prestige cars, Hummer Limos and many more to help transport you and your guests. Our wedding co-ordination transport services are offered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – to meet all your individual and group transportation needs.





K2 lets you realize your dream to drive the best cars in the world, keeping in mind your pocket size. We offer you a wide selection of small cars, 4x4s and Executive Cars. With Offices all over the UK, so there is always a guarantee to get the car of your choice anywhere you are. Our prices are unbeatable and highly competitive due to us being the only privately owned Prestige Car Hire Company with different locations across the country.  If you are looking for cheap sports cars for long or short holiday trips please contact us and we will provide you with the same.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service standards, and we offer all of our customers’ the best possible choice to choose from. You can hire cars for business and leisure, as we have an extensive range of rental options for our customers to choose from.
K2 prestige car hire London are specialists in prestige car hire, luxury car rental and cheap sports cars. Our luxury car hire service is aimed to provide the best possible value for money. We have always believed in transparency and quality of delivery. It’s not money or profit that drives us to move ahead, it’s our happy customers who motivate us to deliver more.









We offer you a great hired vehicle at an excellent rate and car rental experience that is as smooth as an F1 race track. Our reputation has been built on our continuous efforts to combine impeccably maintained cars, latest technology, unmatched service, ease of booking and a support system that is operational round-the-clock. With a decade of luxury car rental experience you can drive assuredly that you will not run into any problems when you get rental cars from K2.
We are known for our uniqueness and innovation in our delivery model. But during all these eventful years, we have always strived to ensure one promise to our customers – to offer them not merely services, but experiences that they can cherish forever.


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