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Segway games

Segway relay racing, in the pit stop the team have to help the rider put on a helmet high - vis tabard knee/elbow pads and gloves, the rider then whizzes around the grand prix style course avoiding hitting or knocking any cones and then back into the pit stop to change riders. This is all against the clock and there are time penalties for every cone hit!
There are many more games such as segway egg and spoon racing, various slalom challenges and the nerf -gun segway moving target game!
Human Table Football

Human Table football is one of the most exciting competitive games to hit the UK in recent years. It’s a giant inflatable version of the old classic Table Football! Our life size version swaps plastic players for real ones, YOU!
The two 5 aside teams face each other on the giant inflatable pitch to play a game of football. However, they’ll be attached to moving bars so it’s a little more challenging than usual! The referee will be in control of game at all times, i.e sending off for foul play and showing of red and yellow cards!
This five – a – side team game will certainly give you a stitch, not through exertion, but through laughter!
Sumo Wrestling

Do battle as a Japanese sumo wrestler! Enter the sumo ring in the foam padded sumo suits! Enjoy the limbering up and the pre-ritual shouting and slapping!
The challenge is to either move your opponent out of the sumo ring or knock them down. It’s the best of 3!

Sumo wrestling is great fun to take part in and a fantastic spectator sport.

Giant walking Ski Slalom

This is a game played through team skill and communication.

Each set of Skis will have 3 to 5 team members on them who will have tonavigate and co-ordinate the Ski course of twists and turns, slaloms and the long runs! A great team building game with lots of laughter on the way!

4x4 Blindfold Driving

Blindfold 4x4 driving is all about skill, not speed.

The task is designed to test your faith in your fellow human beings and being able to communicate as a team.
As a blindfolded driver you will be disorientated and have no knowledge of whether the 4x4 vehicle is moving or not, you only have your navigator's word for it. Bring your other senses into play such as your hearing and co-ordination.
4x4 Trials Driving

In the fable of the Hare and Tortoise, the tortoise certainly had the right idea... slow and steady.

Take the wheel of the 4x4 and test your driving skills over rough terrain through a trials course.

Each team member will have to negotiate a challenging course marked with flags.

Concentration and team communication will ensure a clean drive through the course.Beware!If any markers are touched, then its penalty points for your team!
Rescue Barbie

This is a game played through team skill and communication.
One of the group members should be designated as the rescue control commander, the rest of the team members are blindfolded and given a point at which to  stand. Using a cord attached to ‘KEN’ they will have to listen to rescue control carefully on how much to pull in or let out their cord. The team will have to work together  and under Rescue control  lower ‘KEN’ to be able to rescue Barbie  from the dessert island!
Geocache Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt with a difference!

No old fashioned map and compass to seek out the clues to the
treasure you will be using 21 st century technology.

The geocache adventure relies on clues but has the added level of using GPS coordinates to find an item.

Each group will have a GPS device, and a first coordinate to find. There you will find a clue and your next coordinate. Work as a team to find all of the clues and solve the riddle, but remember the clock is ticking so you can’t hang around!

Blind Sheep

This is a game played through team skill and communication.One of the group members should be designated as the shepherd (team leader), the rest of the team members are blindfolded & scattered in a given area. Using animal sounds, the shepherd needs to guide the blindfolded team members from their scattered position into the marked out area which will be known as the pen.
The team is only allowed to use animal sounds they can decide beforehand which animal sound represents which direction etc.

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