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Blooms Forever
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Blooms Forever


Life is like a string of beads…each bead, each moment a memory . Memories linked  together tell the story of your life so far.

We all know that the flowers become the star of the show, but how many of us stop to think of what happens to all the beautiful flowers after a event is said and done?

If you’re like me, you love flowers; the look of them, the smell of them, and the way that they can put a smile on a face or transform a space from nothing to something so easily.  But we pay a pretty penny for these wonderful works of nature; yet they don’t last forever no matter how hard we try.

The meaning of preservation of flowers is not only “the drying method”. Preservation begins with the drying method used but preservation is really the methods and materials used to prolong and keep your flowers for years to come once they are dried.

The better the drying method, the better results we have from your flowers to design the jewellery.

Our work is a pleasure for us at Blooms Forever, because we love what we do.  Each day we are invited into the lives of our customers and given the opportunity to preserve the moments most special to them.

As each piece of jewellery is hand made – the  Pandora style beads may not be totally spherical as we use resin and other additives to blend the petals  together ,then add a final polish to the piece of jewellery . This can turn to more a matt finish over a period of time.

We are also very proud to say that every step of our designs are created here on our site here in Somerset, providing an extremely unique and personal experience for all of our customers.




Blooms Forever




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