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We are the UK’s leading photo booth rental company. If you are looking for a Photo Booth for your wedding we have a solution for you.

Please take a look around our website and contact us for your photo booth hire in the West Midlands requirements.

With over ten years experience in photography, FTM Photobooths have captured many special moments from many occasions. The testimonials we receive show that we help organisers, hosts and guests to have a great time at any event that we cover.


At FTM Photobooths we provide a range of hats and accessories to add to the fun and with our exclusive IMac technology and stands, your guests can share their images with the world. All of our packages provide superb quality prints to your guests every time they use FTM Photobooths.

We provide a beautiful, personalised Guestbook to the host(s) of each event that we cover.

Magic Photo :

The all new MAGIC PHOTO is a revolutionary idea, which will change the way you see your family photos forever!

The Magic Photo allows you to WATCH short video clips from a printed picture !!!

Yes you read that right “A VIDEO FROM A PRINTED IMAGE”

This new technology allows you and your guests to record a short video clip in the booth and a print is taken from this video, using the FREE app provided with the MAGIC PHOTO option you can watch these videos time and time again and relive the moment!

  • No digital equipment needed, just your mobile phone and the app.
  • Load up the app
  • Hold the phone over the image on the screen so that it is contained within the red rectangular box
  • Wait for a few seconds and the image will come to life. Couldn’t be easier!


If you would like to discuss the rental of a FTM Photobooth for your event, please give us a call or send us an email.



FTM Photobooths





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