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We at Totally Tipi are friendly Yorshire folk, running a down-to-earth, family company hiring out giant tipi tents - stunning structures that create a stunning atmosphere in any outdoor space.


What else can we tell you about them…?

Guest numbers 50 guests for one tent is a general rule of thumb so 100 is a nice number for two teepees if you're having a sit down meal, although it is possible to go up to 120. Numbers can also further increase for the night 'do' (for a tipi wedding for instance) when people will be mingling / dancing / propping up the bar...

Up to 150 seated is good for three and 200 for four...

A real-flame fire Yes – real flame! You can add warmth and atmosphere with our fireplace. Head over to our
Totally Trimmings page to find out more about the fireplace.

Do they leak when it rains? There’s a special method of linking the tents together to prevent leaks. The fabric is water-repellent and unless the smoke flaps are left open, you should be fine!

Are they cold in winter? Aside from the fire, we top up the air temperature with indirect space heaters to keep them toasty warm and using the zipper entrance keeps it a cosy atmosphere and retains that ‘wow’ element as people enter the tents for the first time

How do they cope with windy conditions? Once the tents are up, they’re very sturdy and secured with over 30 anchorings. But we do request that sides are lowered when wind speeds exceed 35mph and only zipper entrances be used.

How much do they cost? We will design a tailor made quotation to match your requirements and have a range of tipi accompaniments including lighting, a range of dance floors, bars, tables (to seat 8 people), a real indoor smokeless fire and our own exclusive bespoke furniture. To learn more and make an enquiry, contact us...


Totally Trimmings

The Giant Hat tipi tents are just part of the story. You need things to go in them to make an event!

Yes, aside from the tents themselves, we can provide the basics from tables and chairs to the real indoor fire and ofther 'pretty' things such as fairy lights, candle lanterns and oodles of bunting!

For some clients, part of the fun is dressing the tents up themselves; collecting trinkets from charity shops and such like in the run up to their event. But if you'd like to hire bits and pieces to dress the tents up with then that's fine too.

For others who prefer to have someone style with their vision or just deliver the whole shebang, we work closely with those who do a far better job that we could ever do ourselves!



Totally Tipi

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