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One of the most requested photographs of a wedding is the time when the newlywed couple comes out from the church to be greeted by a flurry of wedding confetti.  It is a wonderful picture that makes any  wedding ceremony memorable. But from where did this custom originate?  Very few people know the reason behind this tradition which hails from the Italian people. The word “confetti” originates from the Italian word that means “confectionary.”  For the Italians the word “confetti,” means sweets such as candied fruit or sugared almonds, which are usually handed out during special events.  Italians refer to the paper confetti as ‘coriandoli’ which means coated coriander seeds used for wedding celebrations during hard times when sugar and paper was scarce.


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Throwing confetti over newlyweds is a custom that can be traced to the ancient times.  The purpose of throwing seeds or grain over the newlyweds is to wish their marriage abundant and as fruitful as the grain.  People from the years gone by believed that the couple would be as fertile as the seeds thrown over them. Also, it was a way of expressing to the newly married couple that you wished to sprinkle their coming together as man and wife with blessings.

Nowadays, colourful sheets of paper are sometimes used instead of seeds or grain.  Throwing seeds or grain may not be appealing to all couples.  Just imagine the newlyweds stepping out of the church into a shower of nuts.  However, paper wedding confetti is not very often allowed to be used as, of course, it is just more litter for venues to deal with.
It makes sense, therefore, to use more environmentally friendly versions of the confetti including delphinium flower petals and/or rose petals as a much more acceptable alternative to sheets of paper and the majority of churches and wedding venues are happy for this to be thrown because it is biodegradable. So the next time you see a newlywed greeted by a shower of confetti, you’ll know the reason behind this custom.


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