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Star Gaze Tents was established with the goal of offering a unique alternative to classic marquees without costing a fortune and to help couples amaze all their guests on their big day. Consider them for your outdoor event and create amazing memories to treasure forever. 

The flexibility of our tents means they can be pitched in a wide range of locations, and being erected in under and hour gives you more time to concentrate on other things on your special day! 


Products offered

The lovely eye catching designed tents will undoubtedly get all guests' attention. Besides, for your peace on mind, they are fully water resistant as well as built using fire retardant material according to European criteria. A ten can be arranged in less than 45 minutes, means that they won't need previous access to your site the day before. In addition, we can enhance your event with:

  • Lighting
  • Speakers
  • Furniture
  • Heating


Star Tent Heating

If you are planning to have an evening or a winter event, let’s be realistic… we live in England, and it can get cold! But don’t let that put you off! Our tents can come complete with 3 powerful heaters attached to the main pole to help fill your tent with lovely warm air! Our advanced heaters use Infrared technology ensuring high heat output, unaffected by wind or the elements, while a fraction of the power that a traditional patio heater would use!



Star Gaze Tents is the trading name of Soft-Focus Productions Ltd. -







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