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Chris Peskett – Close Up Magician Covering Birmingham, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Shopshire & Leicestershire

For those of you that haven’t already been floored by the likes of David Blaine (a little ten years ago) Derren Brown (a little weird) and Paul Daniels (a little magician) then let me introduce you to… well… me – Chris Peskett!

Lets start our online experience by checking out some of the videos on this page – what better way to see if I actually live up to the title of one of the UK’s hottest magicians!

If you fancy being balls-deep in a world of electrifying feats of kick-ass magic – then I’ll be very pleased to meet you. Charmed, I’m sure… and I’m sure you will be!



Hire Me to Perform My Magic at Your Wedding; Engagement Party, Anniversary Party, Any Party Really…

Weddings are magical days in themselves – they are however, very centred around the Bride and Groom and the guests are sometimes left twiddling their thumbs… Boom! (Cue mini firework display) That’s where I come in!


When I perform my amazing feats of illusion at weddings, not only do I keep your guests occupied and thoroughly entertained – but I also acts as a great ice breaker for the guests that don’t know each other that well.



Chris Peskett - Magician

T: 0800 0430 969
M: 07966 509 301




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