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Your Wedding Ceremony

I am an ordained Interfaith minister and wedding celebrant based in the South East of England. My name is Sarah Flynn and I have been creating and leading wedding ceremonies and handfastings for some years.

For me there can be no greater honour than for you to ask me to lead your wedding or handfasting. There is an unexplainable magic in the process of working with you to create a one of a kind, beautiful ceremony which contains you both heart and soul, expresses your deep love and respect for each other and binds you together in a very profound way. Your wedding day is such a special day and it is my absolute pleasure and joy to create such a wedding ceremony with you and for you.




Your Choices

There are many wonderful reasons for choosing to create your ceremony or have it created for you:

  • You have complete freedom in your selection of venue – at home, on a boat, in your garden, in woodland, on a beach, in a stately home or a hotel, in this country or abroad. The choice is only limited by your imagination.

  • You can include any elements you would like in your ceremony – readings, songs, poems, dancing, rituals, etc.

  • You can involve your family and friends in the ceremony – taking part in rituals, giving readings, singing, playing music, etc.

  • Your ceremony can be religious, spiritual or secular depending upon the beliefs of each of you; and if each of you has a different religion we can create a ceremony that reflects each of your religions.

  • Your ceremony can be completely personal to you, reflecting your beliefs and your understanding of the nature of the commitment you are making to each other.

  • The space you choose can be as simply or ornately decorated as you choose using decorations that reflect your religious or spiritual beliefs, your likes and dislikes or that suit the theme of your wedding.

  • You can have your ceremony and your reception in the same place creating more relaxation in you day and removing the need for you and your guests to have to travel between one place and another.


The Process

When you contact me we will arrange to meet if geographical distance makes this possible. If meeting up is not feasible we can communicate via Skype and email. Once we have established that you would like to work with me to create your wedding ceremony, we can then discuss your ceremony and the details of what you want. I will ask both of you to send me a brief autobiography and a separate account of your relationship, your love story: how you met, how your relationship developed into love, the proposal and the things you love about each other.

I will send you a large selection of readings and other components of the ceremony. The selection will vary depending on whether you want a wedding or a handfasting ceremony. You can choose anything you want from this selection, plus adding anything you choose from your own resources. Once you send your choices back to me, I will then write ceremony using this content and adding in individual aspects such as the address and a short story of your relationship.

Rituals, such as a candle lighting or sand ritual, can be included. It can also be lovely for family members and/or friends to take part in the ceremony if you like.

When I have written the first draft of your ceremony I will return it to you and you can then make as many changes , additions and alterations as you want. The process of sending the ceremony back and forth between us goes on for as long as it takes to get it exactly the way you want it.




To be legal a marriage in England and Wales has to take place in a church, a registry office or a place registered for marriage with a registrar present. These options present quite inflexible possibilities for the type of ceremony you can have and you may find that the ceremony does not express your feelings and your love for each other in the way you would like. Many couples now choose to do have a short and inexpensive legal marriage ceremony at a registry office a few days before, or earlier in the day of, their ceremony, and then invite their family and guests to their personally created marriage ceremony designed to truly express what they feel for each other. You do not have to exchange rings at the registry office; you can save the ring exchange for your ceremony.



Your Wedding Book

On confirmation that your ceremony is complete, I will then create a handmade, unique book containing your ceremony. I will use this book to read from during the ceremony and then give it to you at the end. The book will also have space for photographs so you can use it to create a beautiful memento of your special day. The book is included in the cost of your wedding but I can also possible make a matching guest book if you require, which would be at extra cost.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details or for a no obligation discussion about what you want for your ceremony.

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