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We have been friends and work colleagues for almost a decade and have a wide variety of career experiences between us. It is a huge pleasure for us to be able to combine all these elements into a business of our own. We are enthusiastic, hardworking, resourceful and (we have been told!) quite a dynamic partnership.

The ice cream parlour (ice pod) is based on Gothards Farm in Stoke St Gregory at the heart of the Somerset Levels. We collect the milk for our ices fresh from the milking parlour each day so the ice cream comes literally from 'pasture to pot' in one day!

Much is being made at the moment about the quality and nature of ingredients used in ice cream but Granny Gothards has been, is and always will be made from the finest dairy ingredients.

It is our personal mission to share our gorgeous ice creams and sorbets with as many people as possible - it would surely be selfish not to share this 'guilty pleasure'. With a product as fantastic as Granny Gothards this will not be difficult, the taste does the work for us.

We are confident that you will be delighted with our ice creams; even confirmed non ice cream lovers have become converts and don't forget out mouth-watering sorbets.

We welcome your enquiries and comments and please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Amanda Stansfield and Jean Allen

PS. In answer to the inevitable question - neither of us is a Granny (yet)!



Our scrumptious ice creams include our fresh farm milk and cream, hand blended with fresh egg yolk and sugars. We don't use any skimmed milk powders, artificial additives, stabilisers or colourings in our products, but we do use a wonderful array of yummy natural flavours, sourced locally where possible and all from pasture to pot in a day.

Our delicious sorbets are made from locally sourced fruit (when possible), which is prepared by hand and mixed with a little water and sugar. Simple!

We also produce a range of ice creams suitable for diabetics - all as creamy and delicious as our regular range, but made with fructose sugar instead.




Granny Gothards

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