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M-Eye Bar London is a custom designed and luxury mobile cocktail bar, made in London and built for the purpose to be rented at hand crafted events.

Operating in London we can organise all your beverage needs from serving drinks on arrival, table service, to running the bar.

We can suggest you bespoke cocktail menu made just for you with inspired from your favourite cocktails and flavours

Bar will be delivered and picked up at each event.

M-Eye Bar London is 2.5 meters length and 1 metre in width, in a curved shape. It has all standard bar measurements to insure practicality.


The bar is equipped with a sink and speed rail and shelves for fast and quality service.
Professional mixologists and bar staff is available on request - bartenders and well presented waiting staff. Bar is well equipped to serve cocktails, wine and champagne.


Bar will work well for the event for capacities 150 to 300 guests.



The bar can also be customised upon request. Front panel can be covered with any colour fabric to make your special day thought through every single detail.


Please contact us if you have any further enquiries 


M-Eye Bar London 




07792 252 878


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