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Buy beautiful real pearl, crystal and gemstone jewellery at very reasonable prices, all handmade by me



Thank you for coming to see my products. Everything on this site has been designed and handmade by me from genuine pearls and gemstones.


I use simple, elegant designs and luxurious materials to create pieces of jewellery I'm very proud of and sell them for affordable prices.

About Me

I started making jewellery when I got engaged. I couldn't find exactly the jewellery I wanted to wear for my wedding and I was shocked at the prices people were charging brides for relatively simple designs.

So I decided to try making them myself.

I enjoyed making the pieces so much I decided to make jewellery for my bridesmaids, then for my female guests and got so carried away I finally decided to try selling the bits and pieces I'd made online.

I thought since I'd struggled to find simple, elegant designs that weren't too expensive perhaps there were other jewellery addicts out there with the same problem.

I make all my jewellery at home with a lot of support and eye rolling from my new husband who kindly looks after our little boy while I get the tools out. It's very satisfying work and I get to keep one of each piece for myself!

It turned out there were lots of people who wanted luxurious jewellery at reasonable prices and sales have been going from strength to strength.

I look forward to doing business with you and hearing your thoughts and ideas,

Take care,

Tabitha xxx


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