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The Alizonne Brighton Clinic is a modern physician led private clinic dedicated to helping people reduce their weight. The Clinic provides non-surgical Alizonne Therapy which delivers safe, effective and long-term weight loss combined with skin tightening and firming.


Alizonne Therapy is carried out under the close supervision of our GP led medical team. In excess of 900 people each week are treated by our physicians and therapists at a network of Alizonne Therapy centres across the UK.


We are located on one of the central Hove streets, “The Drive”, within a walking distance from the one of local major train stations and parking parks.






We are one of the several nationwide clinics licenced to offer the Alizonne Therapy. It was originally developed in the Netherlands in 1997 by Dr Claudia van der Lugt and introduced into the UK by Dr Mark Palmer in Leeds in 2006. The therapy is a non surgical medical treatment which can completely transform your body size and shape. It uses a combination of medical diet and treatments to break down stubborn fat cells supported by body contouring and skin tightening to produce rapid safe results that cannot be achieved by diet alone. Patients are constantly monitored by the doctor during the therapy.


We offer two weight loss programmes:

• Alizonne Therapy for those with several stones to lose

• Alizonne Lite for those with only 1-2 stone to lose

Each programme is specifically tailored to the needs of the individual patient as part of the initial doctor’s consultation and an individual weight maintenance plan is designed as well upon the reached weight target upon the end of the Alizonne Therapy.




Please telephone 01273 660 129.

Email should be sent to:

Alizonne Brighton, suites 5,6,8 & 9, 30 The Drive, BN3 3JD

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