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Do you want to quit smoking ahead of your big day? Electronic Cigarettes are an alternative solution which has helped many people quit smoking. If you are looking for a well established company that offers a range of trustworthy products on the market we highly recomend Vapertrails - Biggleswade.


Electronic cigarettes are made up of a small rechargeable battery, an atomizer (a tiny heating coil), and a cartridge. The cartridge contains filler (usually poly-fill ) which is soaked with a flavoured nicotine liquid. When activated, the battery provides power to the atomizer, which gets hot enough to vaporize the liquid. This vapor is then inhaled like smoke from a cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are much less expensive than traditional cigarettes. The initial cost for the equipment is a bit higher, but the 'running' cost is so low that you will 'get it back' in a couple weeks. Depending on how much you smoke and the cost of the product you favour, electronic cigarettes can average out up to 75% less per month.

Vapertrails - Biggleswade

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