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The Rural Flying Corps have been providing flying training at Bourn Airfield, Cambridgeshire for over a quarter of a century.

We are a small friendly club operating from part of a second world war airfield, steeped in history and benefiting from open airspace and two tarmac runways.

Are you looking for a unique gift ? We offer trial lessons, a perfect gift for any couple to enjoy together. The wife can sit in the front and have the lesson or vice versa.  You could even book two lessons for the couple meaning both can experience the front seat position or  another option could be to split a one hour lesson and land half way through and change seats. With so many options on offer you can tailor a suitible package for any couple making this a great gift for any newley weds.

Trial Lesson
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Booking and payment can be done over the telephone 01954-719602. We will then send you a trial lesson voucher which explains about the flight, the flying school and how to get here. The voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. The voucher can then be used at any time within the period of validity, with the school being open 7 days a week. It is best to book the flight at the same time as buying the voucher and then you are more likely to be able to fly on your preferred day.

The trial lesson comprises:

•a pre-flight briefing
•a pre-flight inspection of the aircraft
•a flight of some thirty minutes (or one hour) during which you will handle the controls and fly the aircraft
•a post-flight debriefing


Trial lessons may also be taken in the Cessna 172. Perfect for any couple to experience together ?


For prices, see: Charges



RFC Flying Training Ltd
Bourn Aerodrome
CB23 2TQ


Phone/Fax : 01954 719602

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