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Thank you for visiting our profile for MediSpa Salisbury and we hope you enjoy browsing through the pages we have put together. 

MediSpa Salisbury started life as a cosmetic dental surgery, Gentle Dental, in 2004.  We are a husband and wife team: Rob is the cosmetic dentist and Niamh, by profession is a dental hygienist and manager of MediSpa Salisbury.

Over the years we have attracted clients from all over the UK and helped them obtain the smile they have always dreamed of.  We quickly realised whiter, brighter, straighter teeth affected not only their smile but the biggest effect for them was on their lives.


It gave clients: the confidence to go for a promotion or a new job; the confidence to compete with younger colleagues and to feel an equal rather than the someone putting in time until retirement; confidence to pitch to new clients they would never have approached before; confidence to shine and stand out from the crowd following redundancy ensuring they were awarded the coveted position.

For many, once they had a fabulous smile, they wanted a face that matched.  We had constant enquiries about where to go for Botox Injections and Dermal Fillers; for products that could help maintain a better complexion; and suggestions about anything that would make them look and feel younger and more confident.

The world of Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers is still quite unregulated. There is a worrying array of skincare products all making claims about their effectiveness.   So how do you know which ones to believe?  As we researched where and what we could recommend to our clients we realised we couldn’t guarantee these people and places had the level of training, commitment and expertise we would expect and so the idea of MediSpa Salisbury was born.

A team of highly qualified, committed, knowledgeable professionals  working under one roof, where quality can be guaranteed; where the client and the product – confidence – is a priority.


Our Experts Provide A Wide Range of Services – All Tailored to Your Personal Requirements


At MediSpa we offer a Free Consultation on All Our Treatments! There are so many cosmetic treatments available on the market today, each with its own claims.  How do you decide which is best for you?

Come along for Complimentary Consultations where we can listen to what you want and with our collective expertise and experience, recommend the very best course of treatment, tailored to you.  That way you can ensure you get the right treatment and the results you want.

You are safe in our hands – We guarantee it. 


We are a group of highly qualified professionals working together to give you the best possible and most up to date treatment.

Dr. Rob Jukes - Dr Rob Jukes, B.D.S (Birmingham, England) Cosmetic Dentist, (Reg. 59980) has over 25 years of experience and performs a wide range of Cosmetic Dentistry procedures and Facial Aesthetic procedures.  He is registered with the General Dental Council, a member of the British Dental Association and a member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists (BACD).

Louise Morris, our qualified Esthetician/Aesthetic Practitioner (Skin Care Consultant) works closely with Dr Jukes -  Dr Rob Jukes, B.D.S (Birmingham, England) Cosmetic Dentist, (Reg. 59980) and specialises in permanent makeup, including burn and scar camouflage, advanced Botox techniques and skin care including the treatment of acne scarring.

Your Free Consultation will last about a 30 minutes where we most importantly listen to you. Tell us what concerns you the most about your appearance. What you would love to change. With advancements in modern technologies and new products launches all the time -  you might be surprised at how easily and quickly we can remove a mole or straighten your smile.



MediSpa Salisbury   
Niamh Egan
Practice Manager
01722 413311
Cosmetic Dentist and Plastic Surgery Specialists.

29 Castle Street
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